TSA Mini Spectrumn Analyzer Series Frequently Asked Questions


What's the Difference between TSA Software and USB APP for the TSA 5G35?
TSA program can support all TSA series products including TSA4G1, TSA5G35, TSA6G1, and TSA12G5. USB APP is only compatible with TSA5G35.

The TSA Mini Spectrumn Analyzer Series program will not run?
On computers using forgien language OS, the decimal point is sometimes set to a comma in the laguage options. The TSA Series products program requires the decimal point to be a full stop. Please click here (PDF) to find out how to configure your computer to the proper settings. You can download a demo version of the TSA Series software on our downloads page to test if the software is compatable with your computer before purchase.

I am using Windows XP, why does the software not work?
Please download and install Microsoft.net Framework 2.0 on your computer before running the program.

How do I update the software for TSA5G35?
The latest software updates are available at the downloads section.

TSA_v1.51 Download

TSA_v1.61 Download

TSA_v1.71 Download