RF Consulting Serivces


Product Development
We have the high calibre expertise required to develop a finished product for mass volume manufacture. We offer professional results and seamless teamwork with your best interests in mind. The experience will be like having your very own design team working for you.

Systems Design
We bring innovative and cutting edge ideas to the table and a solution to every challenge you encounter. With the flexibility you need, we custom tailor our systems design to your every specification, whether be it function, reliability, stability, robustness, cost, time to market, or any other special requirements you have.

Prototype Development
Triarchy’s professionals can develop a cost effective prototype to demonstrate how a concept would materialize into a selling product. Our prototypes will reveal any flaws and potential complications so they can be revised before the chips are down. This way, we bring together the theoretical and practical to reduce the risks you take in future production.

Please Contact Us
If you are interested in acquiring our services, inquire about any special services not listed above, or any general inquiries, please feel free to contact our Canada office listed in our contact page. We will thoroughly answer any questions you have in a timely fashion and/or discuss with you, in detail, your exact requirements.


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